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Development Plan Amendments

From time to time, Development Plans are updated through the rezoning of land or rewriting of existing policies.  This update process is known as a Development Plan Amendment (DPA), and must follow the requirements of the Development Act 1993.  While the Minister for Planning or Council can initiate a DPA, only the Minister can approve a DPA.

Council recently completed one DPA and currently has one active DPA as listed below.

Southern Heritage Places Development Plan Amendment

Pursuant to Sections 24 and 25 of the Development Act 1993, Council prepared a Development Plan Amendment Report (DPA) to amend its Development Plan.

The Amendment proposed to change the Development Plan by introducing: a Table of Local Heritage Places with a description of the elements of heritage value of each place, figures showing the location of proposed places, and update provisions applying to the assessment of development affecting local heritage places.  The area surveyed was the southern half of the Council area including the towns of Mannum, Cambrai, Keyneton, Palmer, Tungkillo and surrounds.  The survey area was south of the Angaston-Swan Reach Road (Stott Highway), but excluding Sedan and Swan Reach townships.

The DPA was on public consultation between Tuesday 1 August 2017 until Tuesday 26 September 2017.

Following the public hearing in October 2017, Council’s Strategic Planning and Development Policy Committee considered all of the public submissions received in response to the DPA and made a recommendation to the Council.  The DPA was endorsed by Council (with minor amendments) and submitted to the Minister for Planning for endorsement, along with a copy and summary of all the submissions received, in December 2017.

The Minister sought the advice of the State Planning Commission, and the Commission, through a panel of experts, heard further submissions on 24 April 2018 from several property owners and considered those prior to making a recommendation to the Minister.  The Minister subsequently authorised the DPA in accordance with recommendations of the Commission, which included the removal of 3 proposed Local Heritage Places from the DPA.  Click here to find an extract that appeared in InDaily on Thursday 14 June 2018 citing comments from Minister Knoll.

The Minister’s amended DPA was subsequently endorsed by the Environment, Resources and Development Committee of the Parliament and gazetted on 16 August 2018.

The final 128 local heritage places in the southern part of the Mid Murray Council area are now identified in the Development Plan consolidated on 23 August 2018.  Click here to view the Mid Murray Council Development Plan https://www.sa.gov.au/topics/planning-and-property/development-plans

For further information please refer to Information Sheet 95 - Heritage and Development or contact the Development & Environmental Services Section of the Council on 8564 6020.

Walker Avenue, Mannum Development Plan Amendment

Pursuant to Sections 24 and 25 of the Development Act 1993, Council has prepared a Development Plan Amendment Report (DPA) to amend its Development Plan.

The Mid Murray Council released its Walker Avenue, Mannum DPA which, if adopted, will rezone surplus industrial land and public purpose land to allow for its future residential development.  The area affected includes all of the land bounded by Walker Avenue, Adelaide Road, David Street and Diercks Road, which is currently located in the Industry, Public Purposes, Residential and Residential Character Zones.  The area affected map is included in the DPA.

The Amendment relates primarily to the existing industrial zoned land and surrounding public purpose and residential zoned land, located in a central part of the Mannum township near the town centre, the land has historically been used for manufacturing purposes by the longstanding South Australian company Horwood Bagshaw.  The Amendment proposes to change the Development Plan by rezoning surplus industrial land and the public purpose land to allow for its future residential development.

The DPA report is available here.

The DPA was on public consultation from Tuesday 21 November 2017 until Tuesday 30 January 2018.

A number of written submissions were received and are available for inspection at the Council Offices at Mannum, Cambrai and Morgan, Monday-Friday during normal office hours until the DPA is submitted to the Minister for endorsement.

As no-one requested to be heard as part of their written submission, the public hearing scheduled for Thursday 8 February 2018 at 7pm in the Meeting Room of the Council Offices, 49 Adelaide Road, Mannum was CANCELLED.

It is anticipated that the DPA will be presented to the Committee for endorsement and subsequently Council before being sent to DPTI for final approval in the coming months.

If you would like further information about either of the above DPA’s, contact Jake McVicar at the Cambrai Office on 8564 6020.


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